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Pubg Mobile. Next Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Login to your account below. I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I think we're lost. Sparx: Hey! Who you callin' a big you crazy eyed, mangy drool mutt? Spyro: What is it you want me to do?


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I think I'm entitled to know what's happening. The Chronicler: You already know what is happening But there is more that you must understand.

The Chronicler: This is an evil place Spyro. It is called the Mountain of Malefor But to the spirits themselves and the black hearted, it goes by another name Spyro: This feels like the right place, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here.

Sparx: Wondeful, I'm going to go wait over there Maybe there was a lily pad you forgot to sing on or a rainbow you can talk to Sniff: I thought I told you to be quiet, fool! It's hurtin' time baby! Scratch: Fiends and felons! Scoundrels and swindlers! Tonight, we bring to you a very special battle, sure to quence your thirst for brutality! Spyro: What?! Ignitus said you would help, but you've only led me on a path to nowhere!

The Chronicler: Our path through life is not always the path we chose.

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Sometimes our paths are chosen for us Wherever it may lead. Sniff: [to Spyro] Get up, lazy fool! It's time to bruise, not time to snooze! You disgust me. Mole-Yair: Spyro, you are in danger.

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I have a message for you from another prisoner. Here, take it. Spyro: [reading] "Dear friend There are whispers going about the ship. Word of your captivity has traveled quickly. Many of the prisoners are uneasy. They say that the Ape King himself has placed a bounty on you These are dark times. But know this, you have allies. I look forward to the day when we can meet. Hunter of Avalar. Sparx: That was thoughtful. I particularly like the part about the dark times and the danger. Scratch: Spyro the Dragon Sparx: AHH!!! I told you she was evil.

Eternal Night

Hehe, look, my eye's twitching again. Cynder: Relax. I'm just trying to put on a show for the crowd while we figure out what to do. That guy just gave me an idea! Why don't WE get off the burning boat?! Spyro: Not yet. We need a map to a place called the White Isle Spyro: Okay, I've completed your test. What do I do next? How can I find you? Are you there? Great, now the voice inside my head is ignoring me.

Gaul: Hahaha!

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Nothing can prevent this. We are merely here to welcome our Master back into the realm and join him at his side. But fear not Cynder You've been such a faithful servant, I'm sure he'll take you back And if not, you will have the honor of being the first to perish by his hand. Long have we waited! Long have we suffered! But soon, our Master will return Sparx: Goodbye freaky little turtle monster!

Goodbye, goodbye, thanks for everything! Sparx: Well, let's see You've been hearing voices in your head and have led us all over the place If there is Mysterious Voice: Expose your heart to summon ghost Sparx: I knew it!

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This place wants us dead! We should've turned back while we had a chance! Sparx: [Seeing a giant hourglass] Ooooh I think it's a magic wishing lamp. You in there? Spyro: This is incredible! The entire history of the dragon race It looks like it's all here. The Chronicler: The records in this hall date back to the beginning of time Sparx: Oh, well I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long.

We got a little held up back there Riddles Of Doom! The Chronicler: I haven't had any visitors The Chronicler: It was Gaul who led the raid of the temple the night of your birth The Chronicler: Yes And look The Chronicler: Spyro, you must understand, when she was taken by Gaul, she was poisoned and corrupted, made to do the Dark Master's bidding. Her entire life has been spent in shadow.