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Nathaniel Downes CFA. Christopher Hooper CFA. Geraldine Jimenez CFA. Asjeet S. Lamba CFA. His main research and teaching interests are in the areas of corporate finance, international finance, investments, and financial markets. He serves on the program committees of over 10 international conferences, where he is frequently invited to organize academic and discussion sessions.

Professor Lamba has been actively involved with CFA Institute over the past several years, reviewing and developing candidate curriculum readings and serving a six-year term on the Disciplinary Review Committee, with the last four years served as part of the Executive Team. Young Lee CFA. Godfrey Marozva CFA. Vineet Yash CFA. View current Volunteer Opportunities. If you use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more in our Privacy Policy. Privacy Settings.

Standards of Practice Council. Save Settings. The challenges of volunteers aside, some writers did not produce as expected. Thus, it is helpful to anticipate potential reassignment of work. Some leaders identified the variability of writing skills across contributors. As the work is nearing completion Handling multiple versions of the document often presents a challenge.

One strategy offered is to utilize free or low cost online storage programs, such as DropBox www. This process can be an effective way to communicate changes among the team members and manage multiple and ongoing revisions. As the work is nearing completion, another strategy is to select a subgroup who will take responsibility for the revisions leading to the final document. Establishing ground rules was important, including respect for diverse ideas and opinions.

A common theme across all leaders of the scope and standards workgroups represented herein was the importance of forming the group and quickly developing cohesion. Another common theme was that the contributors were enthusiastic and committed to providing a quality product. A track record of strong, effective organizational skills of the lead author was invaluable facilitator for success. Effective strategies included developing a project plan with targeted activities, identifying responsible persons, and setting realistic target dates for completion.

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Lead writers were mindful of matching writing assignments to the specific expertise and strengths of group members. For example, historians were important for telling the story of the development of the nursing specialty. Lead writers were also mindful of the need to both delegate and attend to deadlines. Strategies for management included regularly scheduled meetings and individual follow-up with particular group members.

For most, the initial group meetings tended to be longer e. As work progressed, shorter and less frequent meetings were required. As group members contributed their respective writing assignments, lead authors assumed the role of melding the works into a cohesive working document. Without exception, all of the leaders of the scope and standards workgroups represented herein reported that making revisions in response to the recommendations from the ANA Committee on Nursing Practice Standards CNPS strengthened their respective documents.

Lead writers who were members of this committee Bickford, Finnell, and Thomas identified the added value of this role. While recused when their respective draft specialty scope and standards document was reviewed, they identified the merits of experience in engaging in the review of other nursing specialty organization documents. Similarly, other lead writers identified the value of reviewing scope and standards documents published by other nursing specialty organizations as exemplars. There were instances when CNPS recommendations were not accepted by the writing group.

Thus, it is important to engage in dialogue with the reviewers to ensure that the final document in fact represents the scope and standards of the nursing specialty. Thus, it is critical to inform various stakeholders of these publications.

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Potential strategies for dissemination include:. We provided guidance to those considering becoming volunteer experts by reflecting on our collective experiences as lead writers of initial and revised specialty scope and practice documents. These documents are important practice resources and the invaluable to the discipline, colleagues in other disciplines, and numerous consumer groups.

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She was the lead writer for the second edition of the Addictions Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice. Elizabeth L. Thomas is a school health consultant and developer and manager of the Delaware Comprehensive Induction Program for School Nurses. She was lead writer for School Nursing: Scope and Standards and Wendy M. She was the lead writer for the second edition of the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice.

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Kris A. Carol J. In that role, she directs the specialty nursing recognition program and specialty scope and standards of practice development and review program. She provides various leadership and support services for the development and revision of specialty nursing scope and standards of practice documents. Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements.

Silver Spring, MD: Nursesbooks. Recognition of a nursing specialty, Approval of a specialty nursing scope of practice statement, and Acknowledgment of specialty nursing standards of practice. Retrieved from www. Intellectual and developmental disabilities nursing: Scope and standards of practice. Addictions nursing: Scope and standards of nursing practice. Psychiatric mental health nursing: Scope and Standards. Correctional nursing: Scope and standards of practice. School nursing: Scope and standards of practice. Delaware Department of Education. Comprehensive induction program for school nurses.

Suthers, L. The school nurse. New York, NY: G. OJIN is a peer-reviewed, online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practice, research, education, and the wider health care sector. Find Out More Benefit for Members Members have access to current topic More Letter to the Editor Thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond to the letter to the editor written by Lisa Palucci.

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We are pleased to see her interest in older adults with multimorbidity and advancing models of care and care coordination for this growing population group. Continue Reading View all Letters DOI: Vol20No02Man01 Key words: scope and standards of nursing, specialty nursing, nurses, professional nursing, best practices, American Nurses Association, addictions nursing, school nursing, correctional nursing, psychiatric mental health nursing, intellectual and developmental disabilities nursing Grounded in the profession of nursing, areas of focused nursing practice have emerged as nursing specialties.

Thought leaders in specialty nursing organizations are advised to begin by addressing the following six key questions: Who? Explain the unique contributions of generalist and advanced practice registered nurses.

Standards of Practice in Mental Health Nursing

Determine when these specialty nurses are needed. Describe practice environments in sufficient detail to understand specialty practice.

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Determine what niche or gap is filled; the historical perspective of the development of the specialty; current issues and future trends in health care that point to the need for the specialty. Identify the process to become this type of nurse specialist, including development through formal education, continuing education, and practice experiences. Identifying Lead Writer for the Process Historically, leaders in nursing specialty organizations have undertaken the actual writing of their scope and standards in various ways.

Convening Experts with Specific Roles and Functions Contributors to the process of creating a specialty scope and standards document are sought in various ways. Ensuring Incorporation of Foundational Documents Specialty nursing organizations undertaking a revision have traditionally incorporated concepts and content from the foundational documents of the ANA in their scope and standards. Establishing a Realistic Timeline In planning the timeline, lead writers need to keep in mind that writers are volunteers, with other competing responsibilities and priorities.