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One of the least recognized but potentially most destructive aspects of a breakup is the damage to your sense of who you are.

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How do you find yourself? With mass-scale funding of numerous health care systems transformation projects, perhaps now is as good an opportunity for innovation in whole-person care as we are likely to have. By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph. Does your life lack variety? New research shows the 5 benefits to health and creativity of personality openness. By Erin Leonard Ph. Does it feel like you exist in a different reality than your partner?

Are your feelings quickly rebuffed when they differ from your partner's? Extreme deflection may be at play. By Robert N. McCauley Ph. Cinematic films have struggled to find success amid a worldwide boom in superhero movies and other "franchise pictures. By Julie L.

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What you need to know to heal from narcissistic abuse and its aftermath. By Azadeh Aalai Ph. How can one be a more responsible consumer today? Is it possible to make purchases that are aligned with one's values? November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. Here's something you need to know. By Suzanne Gelb Ph. In Part One of a four-part series, an expert offers some insight By Ronald E Riggio Ph.

Here are some body language cues that suggest that your romantic partner is losing interest in you. By Wendy Lustbader M. When the sun is out, my spirit soars; when the day is gray, with a ceiling of dense clouds, my energy is low and my outlook leans accordingly toward the dim. It's embarrassing. By Amy Cooper Hakim Ph. Have a know-it-all in the office? Follow these tips to keep your cool. By Joachim I Krueger Ph. Men judge their ex hetero partners more positively than women do.

Why this is, is far from certain. By Elinor Greenberg Ph.

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Have you ever wondered how psychotherapists can empathize with severely abusive narcissistic clients? Here is the secret of how we do it. By Margaret R Rutherford Ph. There are five stages of healing the Five C's that take place in therapy. These particular five are described with perfectly hidden depression in mind.

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By Jeremy E Sherman Ph. Ego: Can't thrive with it; can't thrive without it. Optics and photonics Analysis Frequency combs shape the future of light. Physics World podcasts. Nuclear fusion Audio Fusion propulsion for interstellar travel, why ice is slippery, fireworks lit the fuse on science funding. Instrumentation and measurement Audio Doing physics in microgravity environments. Renewables Audio Kites that generate electricity, physics of spattered blood, origin of heavy elements.

Explore in depth. Art and science Feature Douglas Trumbull: a mutual appreciation between scientists and moviemakers.

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Art and science Interview Daniel Radcliffe: VFX tricks and wizardry In this exclusive interview, actor Daniel Radcliffe explains what it's like to work with visual-effects technology. Everyday science Opinion and reviews Why fireworks are so important to science Next time you're watching a firework display, think about their deep scientific history too, advises Robert P Crease.

Modelling and simulation Interview Exploring the computational universe with Stephen Wolfram The physicist and Mathematica creator reflects on how computational tools have changed in the past 30 years, and on the role that computational thinking plays in physics. Everyday science Blog Iron Man talks quantum Spiros Michalakis looks at the science behind a major plot point of Avengers: Endgame , from the point of view of Iron Man. Art and science Interview Spiros Michalakis: a scientist in Hollywood Caltech physicist Spiros Michalakis explains how he got into science advising for Hollywood.

Video showcase. Culture, history and society Video How physics can improve blood pattern analysis.

Latest articles. Excerpts from the Red Folder. Everyday science Blog Physics at the movies — the science behind the scenes: the November special issue of Physics World is now out Physics and film collide in the new issue, with visual effects, science advisers and science blunders — plus interviews with actor Daniel Radcliffe and VFX pioneer Douglas Trumbu Advanced materials Research update 4D electron microscopy images charge density at sub-angstrom scales Transmission electron microscopy can be used to detect electric charge density as well as image atoms.

Education and outreach News Student mentoring needs to be better recognized and rewarded, says report Report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine sets out a series of actions to strengthen mentoring within US scientific disciplines. Nuclear power Research update Surprisingly stable plutonium compound could affect nuclear waste storage Accidental discovery made while studying plutonium oxide nanoparticles. Materials for energy Research update Water splitting on haematite photoanodes changes with light intensity Mechanism appears to mimic the activation of photosystem II during photosynthesis.

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Land Research update Researchers classify city hinterlands Mix of ecosystem services conforms to one of several archetypes, data show. Emerging therapies Research update Blood—brain barrier best breached by small molecules Focused ultrasound paired with microbubbles can get drugs into the brain, but no intensity of sonication allows large molecules to penetrate very far. Renewables Opinion and reviews The relentless march of renewables Dave Elliott describes how far renewable energy has come in the past six years.

Next Last. Quantum horizons A new crop of quantum technologies is set to make waves in the commercial world. Helping Members Succeed.


Industry Advancement Protecting the industry's long-term viability. The Hub A place for knowledge exchange and networking. ACA Cast Important news and topics in the industry. Stay Current. Collector Magazine ACA's flagship publication gives readers monthly, in-depth coverage of critical issues to push the industry forward.

Pulse Newsletter Published for ACA healthcare collection agencies to provide current industry information for healthcare providers. Commercial Insurance. Loss Prevention. We're Better Connected. Upcoming Events. November 6 Wed.