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She was never truly at peace, Freya thinks at one time and that was true. Because that asshole Tom never gave her a sense of security in all the years he spent with her. THAT was how insecure she felt. Then she had her daughter and was happy for the first time thinking that there will finally be someone who truly loved her for who she was, no matter how ugly her face was. Wren grew up to be a total brat and started disliking her mother like other people did.

Those two people were the only ones Hester ever loved and all she got in return was this. Not because he does terrible things. This has happened twice with a difference of 16 years in between. She saves his life, he cowers behind her. Two decades of being together should have at least given him some perspective on how his wife feels and how she thinks. View all 9 comments. Sep 04, Sean rated it liked it. This "sixteen-years-later"-quel suffers from the main problem of letting your characters grow up off screen: when you get back to them they are no longer the people you grew to love or hate or at least know.

Hester, the grumpy-but-lovable urchin from the previous books, has become a hardened, hateful and hate-filled grown-up with next to no good qualities. She has also who has somehow turned into a warrior extraordinaire in the years she spent in the sleepy backwater of Anchorage-in-Vineland, This "sixteen-years-later"-quel suffers from the main problem of letting your characters grow up off screen: when you get back to them they are no longer the people you grew to love or hate or at least know.

She has also who has somehow turned into a warrior extraordinaire in the years she spent in the sleepy backwater of Anchorage-in-Vineland, which strains my credibility in a different way. Her husband has changed from the cerebral-but-lovable former Apprentice Historian into an ineffectual, balding middle-aged man.

In fact, the only characters who resemble their previous incarnations were the Stalkers, which are basically Reeve's take on Doctor Who's Cybermen. I'll read the last volume in the series, if only to find out what happens, but while I can recommend the first two books I don't see any reason to continue reading after the second book.

Mar 20, Alaina rated it liked it Shelves: ng-group-challenge , fiction , sci-fi , dystopia , audiobook , fantasy , contemporary , march , young-adult. This one.. So mad, that I held off on listening to the last book until this morning. Infernal Devices is about Hester and Tom's freaking kid. I was so excited and pumped for this book.

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Just to see all her adventures now.. First, Wren - their kid - sort of runs away. Then when H and T go to save her from being a complete dumb ass.. Throughout the story you see them trying to save their little girl. However, this story took some dark twists and turns.

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It turns out that Hester totally didn't want a kid.. Then Wren goes to think she doesn't have a mother anymore after a heated argument.

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Like do people not understand that things are said or taken way too far when someone is upset? So many low blows came out towards the end.. If Tom ends up with anyone other than Hester I will lose my shit. Heads will roll guys. I want them to all be a happy family again. Aug 23, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , young-adult. Between the end of Predator's Gold and the beginning of Infernal Devices, sixteen years have passed.

Infernal Devices

In that time, Anchorage has become a static city, Hester and Tom have married, and their daughter has grown into a teenager. A huge risk for the author to take. I was emotionally invested in Hester and Tom, and wasn't ready to pass that on to their daughter, Wren. Luckily, they still play a large part in the storyline.

Wren did not make a good first impression on me. Within the first 50 pa Between the end of Predator's Gold and the beginning of Infernal Devices, sixteen years have passed. Within the first 50 pages, she's casually decided to steal an artifact she doesn't understand from the Anchorage museum and run away to join the Lost Boys. A very poorly thought-out decision, and one that shows that she's inherited her mother's empathy shortage and her father's sometimes dim assurance that everything will always work out for the best.

Tom himself is more or less unchanged. He's grown into exactly the sort of man that I would have expected. Hester, on the other hand I would have thought that sixteen years of being safe and happily married to the man she loves would have softened her some. It has, for some reason, hardened her even more. The author doesn't offer an explanation, per se, but I think he's implying that the certain knowledge that even her husband and daughter find her embarassingly ugly has eaten at her.

Eventually, the action settles at Brighton, where Pennyroyal has become mayor. So much of what happens is really setup for the next book, but there's still enough meat to the story to be mostly satisfying on its own. There are more touches of humor here than in the first two books in the series, including what must be the best name for an airship ever: Damn You, Gravity! Nice, big cliffhanger, and I'm anxious to see where this will go. Tom and Hester are all grown up with a teenage daughter.

Tom is a loving husband and a doting father to Wren. They live in the static city of Anchorage and their lives are dull and uneventful in contrast to the adventures of the previous book. It is Wren 2. She is kidnapped and taken away from her family and ends up on the floating resort city of Brighton. Tom and Hester leave their comfortable home to search for Wren. However, this book seemed to be the weakest book in the series so far. I think that rapidly aging two loved characters was the issue for me.

Gone was the brave and dashing Tom. He was replaced by a middle aged character with chest pains. Hester, who I loved in the first two books, was absolutely vile in this book She was ruthless, selfish, and jealous of her daughter. Hester doubts that her husband loves her; she feels that he loves his daughter more.

She tells her daughter that she hates her and she is actually happy when her daughter was kidnapped.

Predator Cities #3: Infernal Devices (Paperback)

There is one more book left in the series A Darkling Plain. Mar 25, Wing Kee rated it liked it. There are some serious character issues with Hester World: Simply the best part of the book and the reason I am still reading this series. The world is dense, it's quirky and is a thing all it's own. I like how this book continues the world from Predator's Gold and we get to see more of it is always a great thing, the best part. Story: The story is fun, it's face paced, it's dry and quirky at the same time and heavy and broody in another same time. I like the tone, I lik There are some serious character issues with Hester I like the tone, I like the world and the story that takes place in this world.

The continuation of the story with the time jump was not what I expected but also fun, it reminded me of Brian Jacques' Mattimeo. The action is brisk, the situations dire, but I did feel that it was hindered by the poor characters which has been an issue I've had with this series for a while more below. I think I'll read the final book just to see how this series ends. Characters: Hester is a problem, in fact I think the characters in general are an issue in this book.

Predator Cities #3: Infernal Devices -

Either Reeve does not like children, young adults, and humans in general or I'm reading his books wrong. Hester has been a character which I've had issues with as her moral compass is pretty suspect and as a hero her three book arc has been unchanged and 16 years has not changed, yes as humans we all have flaws and think dark thoughts but seriously I don't know how I can cheer for someone who SPOILERS wished she did not have her daughter and did what she did with Fishcake pie I forgot his name already , that's just wrong and no.

Then there's Tom which is still a wishy washy naive idiot and him being the moral compass is okay but not the best. I know young teens do act like the way she does but as I said I feel Reeve doesn't like young people or humans in general and Wren is the same, she's petulant and selfish These are the main issues I've had and them being the main characters it's an issue. I don't know I'm torn, these characters don't make me like the people in this book, but the world is so good.

I like this book cause of the world but man the characters are rough.