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How do you strike a balance of keeping the parts of you private that you want to remain private? If you tell them how you got to that point of learning.


We tend to think that the things that happen to us are one of a kind. The things that are happening to you, things that other people have dealt with. Not in a way of writing it off, but in a way of hopefully feeling a little bit more comforted as people live through this. There are ways to cope and there are things that you can learn from the thing that happened.

So kind of going back into the inspiration behind the album. You said you started recording it in Well, that was an interesting one too, because that was mostly about my relationship. I became very resentful towards touring and towards music because she felt as if she was second, because I always loved this other thing more. She feels grateful that she can be a part of it and included in that. You kind of have to find those people who understand you and show you that kind of love, but who will also keep you accountable. Oh yeah. So you kind of mentioned that this is a project that really relates to your musical roots.

I know that you explained that you were basically kind of pushed, but what made you actually sit down and record it?

January 25.2016 – Story Behind “Wish You Were Here” by Cole Swindell

If you came over to my house, I was probably sitting on the couch and playing a guitar. I had kind of got a lot of push from a lot of different people. But like I said, at that time, what actually made me want to record was that I felt like my relationship was falling apart. So being in Montreal was just about the complete opposite in so many ways from Los Angeles as far as geography and climate goes.

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I always felt like I was in this kind of torn existential thing. I just felt like I had nothing. That was kind of also a pushing point for me.

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It gave you some kind of purpose. You were able to regain your footing… I know this is a little bit of a different question, but what kind of music do you find yourself listening to the most on a daily basis? I would say I listen to things more like Wish You Were Here, but you know, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of newer bands, and hardcore, and punk.

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Just because I love it so much. And then also hip hop is an enormous part of my life. I did a drive last night for about four hours and I went from everything from Sam Evian to Gang Starr, and then to this band called Adrenaline. Growing up, some of my favorite bands were from there too. Oh Montreal. And I had no idea.

So when I eventually lived there I made some friends and became more involved in that world. I think that also helped with pushing Wish You Were Here across the finish line as well.

Wish You Were Here

Would you be able to pinpoint any specific examples on how they kind of approached music differently than people in Los Angeles or Southern California? Or maybe other parts of the country? Very, very easily I could do that. In Southern California, especially in Los Angeles, everyone is going out there to be something or to be someone. You know, people who are musicians, they love music, but I think that they go out there and they start focusing on the wrong things. And just remind me that this is a necessity to life. To me that makes them fucking heroes.

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Music is also a labor though. Black Emperor. The Pretty in Pink soundtrack from is the opera that Hughes had been building to. Which in was to say, jaw-droppingly so.

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Everything that followed through the next decades, from Less Than Zero to Trainspotting to Rushmore sort of owes it a pair of underpants girls underpants. You can gauge this shift by the soundtracks as well. I just dug out Some Kind of Wonderful , and forgot that I owned a copy on vinyl, if that gives you an idea of how inessential it is. Or the March Violets Stones cover. It was such a world he created, an understanding between the audience and the auteur.

I once attempted to interview him for an oral history I was working on about Vacation. I was wished good luck. And almost half of them have been at Star Country.

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