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The focus of the convention was on the human and spiritual formation and care of priests and religious.

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Rossetti focused his remarks on the positive findings of his research, on the mental health of clergy and the critical importance of a strong spiritual life for a priest's happiness and mental health. Matera was presented with a Festschrift on the occasion of his 70th birthday and his retirement from the Catholic University of America. Skinner and Kelly R. Iverson and is published by the Society of Biblical Literarture. It contains an introduction by Frank T.

Gignac and articles by Kelly R. Iverson, Francis J. Donahue, Paul J. Achtemeier, William S. Kurz, John P. Collins, and Christopher W. Benson will respond to a paper by Fr. Effective July 1, , Very Rev. On July 25 Msgr. Irwin delivered a plenary address at the annual convention of the National Association for Pastoral Musicians held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

From July 9th to 18th representatives from the four continents where the Sulpician Fathers serve in initial and ongoing programs for priestly formation are meeting in Montreal to discuss formation in the 21st century.

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On Monday morning July 9th Msgr. Irwin responded and gave final remarks.

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David Thayer of the Theological College faculty is attending as is the former vice rector Fr. Daniel Moore. Jones participated in the Woodenfish Project, a program that gathers together scholars and students of Chinese Buddhism for a tour of significant Buddhist sites in China.

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The program, involving 33 participants, lasted from June 25th to July 9th, Rossetti was invited to Auburn Correctional Facility to celebrate Mass with the inmates. Several of the inmates had read Msgr. Rossetti's regular contributions to the daily "Living Faith" publication and wanted to meet him and hear him speak. He was honored to be asked and presided over the liturgy and preached to a group of about 65 inmates on July 7th at this maximum security prison in upstate New York. At the beginning of June, Fr. Regis Armstrong, O. Regis provided a spirited exploration of the unique insights Bonaventure brought to the Franciscan movement and to Catholic theology, which were of essential importance to the Capuchin reform.

Regis showed that its theological outline is a framework for moving spiritually through all of creation into union with God. The plenary panel discussed the current state of scholarship on oral tradition in ancient Israel and in the Old Testament. Rossetti gave a presentation to the bishop and priests of the Diocese of Toledo on June 19th. He was asked to present his new data on priestly celibacy. Rossetti's data indicated that this profound spiritual understanding was a strong predictor of priestly happiness. From late April through mid-June, Fr. He gave lectures on Aquinas and the emotions, the philosophy and theology of boredom, and the crucifixion in patristic theology.

TRS associate professor, Dr. Miller and Professor Sarah H. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland, June TRS professor, Dr. Dinges and Professor Kenneth D. Professors Dinges and Wald delivered lectures and led discussions on aspects of religion in America relating to sociological dynamics, immigration, American exceptionalism, political behavior, NGOs, current trends, and other related topics. John T. His paper compared the two earliest variants of the declaratory creed which came to be known as the Apostles' Creed with the Old Roman Creed and argued that the authors of these creeds were not modalists.

The paper sought to show that a balanced theological exegesis of John confirms the best insights of the Catholic theological tradition: that Christ acts in a transformative way in marriage, conforming the couple to his cross and his own eschatological union with the Church and that this insight protects marriage from reduction to a purely human reality to be reshaped by cultural forces. On Monday May 21st, Msgr. While in Rome Msgr. Irwin is also consulting with the faculty of the Liturgical Institute at the Ateneo of Sant' Anselmo and the liturgical studies professors at the Gregorian University.

The Sikh and Catholic delegations explored the Four Levels of Dialogue: theological exchange, religious experience, action and life, as defined in documents promulgated by the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

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Final Examination of Joseph J. The School of Theology and Religious Studies' Commencement Excercises celebrated, Saturday, May 12 was one of the largest in the school's history. STRS graduated 37 doctoral students and 16 graduate students. Follow the link above to view pictures from the ceremony. Final Examination of Piotr Blajer, O.

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Begg, a recipient of the Research and Scholarship Awards was honored at a reception, Tuesday, April 24 at 4 p. The article provides a synthetic survey of the various rewriting techniques e. He spoke to 40 priests and seminarians on psychological and spiritual formation for the priesthood.

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For over three years members of the seventh round of dialogue between officially appointed representatives of the Roman Catholic and the United Methodist Churches have met semi annually to discuss the relationship of the Eucharist and the Environment. Irwin was one of the participants of the dialogue and one of the signatories of this consensus document. Final Examination of Tobias J. Nathe for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Friday, April 20, at a. Final Examination of James W. Stroud for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Friday, April 20, at a. Robert Trisco, professor emeritus of church history, has been appointed by the Most Reverend Michael F.

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Burbidge, Bishop of Raleigh, to the three-member Historical Commission for the cause for beatification and canonization of Father Thomas Frederick Price , co-founder of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America Maryknoll and the first native of North Carolina to be ordained a secular priest. This book explains how Israel understood its relationship with Yahweh.

Nicholas Lombardo, O. Final Examination of Kanika A. Magee for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Monday, April 16, at p. Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, , pp. This book proposes a new and comprehensive chiastic structure as well as a new unifying theme for the letter of James. Benson published an essay entitled, "Fons sapientiae Verbum Dei in excelsis. Benson argues that Dr.

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Benson argues that a previously unidentified inaugural sermon can be confidently linked to the Franciscan theologian John Pecham d. The article illuminates the text and its context, also shedding light on Aquinas's second regency at Paris. Benson produced an edition of the sermon in a prior publication.

Walter Scott, an immigrant from Scotland, was a successful evangelist of the resulting Campbell movement as it separated from the Baptists. Research Design This study was an ex post facto study that builds on the Multifactor Leadership model from Bass and Avolio Will this church meet the needs of all the members of my family? If women and blacks continue not to be accepted and go elsewhere, the current clergy oversupply will soon become a serious clergy shortage. We believe that in our historical and geographical circumstances, our style of organization can serve our members better than a congregational or a presbyterian model can.

Keep in mind that all models of church government, whether congregational, presbyterian or episcopal, can take a variety of forms Cross-Shaped Leadership: On read online upload. Biblical Eldership is a fine work and a thorough Biblical exposition on eldership". Today few men are stepping up to take the reins of the church and steer it in a godly direction.

Be sure you enter your email address correctly as an invalid email address will invalidate your request and nothing can be sent to you. He also offered workshops on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and preaching. Miller presented, "Minimalism and Maximalism in Biblical Archaeology" at West Chester University of Pennsylvania on Monday, September 10, , outlining the origins of the minimalist movement in biblical scholarship and reconsidering the question of the historicity of the United Monarchy of David and Solomon from an archaeological perspective. At their annual convention in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the National Association for Pastoral Musicians gave their highest award to Msgr.

Entitled the "Jubilate Deo" award, it is given annually to a person for " tireless advocacy of liturgical renewal, rigorous scholarship in service of the church and dedicated leadership in pastoral ministry. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana on September 7th and 8th. He spoke on "The Practice of Intergenerational Hospitality. The Symposium was dedicated to the ecclesiology of communion after Vatican II. All six students delivered papers at the Emerging Scholars sessions of the Symposium:.

All presentations were enthusiastically received. The presentations demonstrated the breadth and depth of ecclesiological thought at TRS. The delivered papers will be published in the proceedings of the Symposium. During the conference, participants learned about various dimensions of evangelization, obstacles to evangelization and strategies for helping parish communities become evangelized and evangelizers.

Joseph G. From August , Dr. Each year, invited Jewish and Christian biblical scholars from Germany, England, Holland, Israel, and the US have come together to study biblical texts against a background of the two traditions. During the conference, participants explored the role of scripture throughout the formation process and how the Liturgy of the Word, according to the rite, is the initial and normative locus of formation of catechumens and candidates seeking reception into the full communion of the Catholic Church.