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A haunting new event has opened in Downtown Arlington! The Village on Front tells the story of an 8-year-old girl named Mary from the s, who has lost her parents and is searching for them throughout the village with many challenges, obstacles and strange encounters along the way.

The designers of this haunted experience worked with special effects experts from both Los Angeles and New York who create characters and props for Hollywood productions to ensure that you have the most frightening experience possible! Back Company Social Impact Press. Back Events Calendar. Photo courtesy of Cutting Edge Haunted House. Cutting Edge Haunted House No surprise here.

Photo courtesy of Screams Halloween Park. Nov Dec 2. Many people, myself included, are drawn to what goes bump in the night, especially around Halloween. There were some things that could be explained, like tapping on the wall and loud bangs from the air conditioner and sometimes hearing voices -very prevalent if there's a game let out with people talking all around your building! However, what couldn't be explained was the TWO electronic voice phenomenon EVPs captured as well as odd-moving orbs captured on camera. Other cameras integral to the investigation, including our security cameras, had stopped recording that night!

Are we haunted?

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I think so, but you decide. Now a bed and breakfast, the place has been teeming with paranormal activity including strange perfumes, unexplained shadows and lights, cold spots, missing items turning up in weird places, old coins on furniture, etc.

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The cool thing is, travelers can still stay here! There are two separate ghosts here. One is believed to be a former elephant trainer that sadly met his tragic death in when he attempted to move a territorial bull to another pen. Since his death almost 30 years ago, many have seen the ghost of a man walking near the elephant and zebra areas of the zoo, just as the elephant trainer used to do as he made his rounds.

The Stockyards Hotel Established in , the Stockyard hotel has seen a lot of rowdy outlaws, country legends, ghosts and haunting in its almost years. First off, the elevator is said to be haunted it sometimes ascends and descends on its own , possibly by the specter of a young girl that gets off on the second floor, takes three steps then disappears. Room , a suite notorious outlaws Bonnie and Clyde once stayed has a water faucet that likes to turn on and off on its own accord. TVs and radios turn on by themselves. As legend has it, the day of the wedding was a tragic one as the bride was found floating dead, face down, in Lake Worth.

Additionally, the acre property will be transformed into a festival area featuring live bands, food trucks, free photos, festival activities, novelties, and more.

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It offers two haunted attractions for the price of one, with the original Moxley Manor joined this year by a second called Big Top Terror. Reindeer Manor Halloween Park Don't get fooled by the cute and cuddly name of this haunted house complex in Red Oak; it just masks the horrors it has in store.

Top five haunted houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

Six Flags over Texas presents Fright Fest Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington will transform and feature 20 chilling attractions, including four new ones, that promise to deliver spine-chilling scares. There will be activities for the entire family throughout the day, then thrills and terror after the sun goes down. Ghouls are set free for their daily hunting rituals once the dark of night washes over the park.

Slaughter House Farms has a grisly theme revolving around clowns, one that anyone with coulrophobia would probably do their best to avoid. Zombie Safari is not a haunted house, but a takeover of Cousins Paintball Park at which you can ride around on "Zombie Response Vehicles" shooting at roaming zombies without fear of being shot back.

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News You Can Eat. By Teresa Gubbins. Where to drink.

Haunted Places in Dallas, Texas

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