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With their fortunes on the wane due to his poor business sense, Miryem must step in and turn the family business around. Inspired by a mixture of desperation and genius, she responds by spinning debts into gold—gold that attracts the attention of the Staryk, emotionless fairies who bring winter with them. The Staryk give Miryem Fairy Silver and demand she transform it, too. Miryem does so by turning the beautiful metal into jewelry that attracts the attention of the rich and powerful—but her success brings her more Staryk attention, and thus more problems. The conflict has torn the country apart and inflamed racial tensions.

Janet Watson, who lost an arm in the fighting, moves to post-war Washington D.

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Moved by the tragic scene of a young Carthusian monk named Niccolucio, who watches as one after another of his brothers succumbs to the disease, Habidah breaks all the rules and saves him. There is a conspiracy at work, threatening to destroy a huge empire—and now, she and Niccolucio are part of it. The bells and whistles of sci-fi with the depth and worldbuilding of historical fiction mark this as a debut by a writer to watch. Witchmark , by C.

Miles Singer is from just such a family, but when he flees the lap of luxury to join the war effort, he grows disillusioned with the trappings of power, and takes the opportunity to fake his own death and assume a new identity. When one of his patients is poisoned, Miles not only accidentally reveals his healing powers, he is thrust into a mystery that involves an aloof, beautiful man who is more than human—and who may hold the secret to stopping a brewing inter-dimensional war. This bewitching story of political maneuverings, dangerous magic, sweet romance, and bicycle chases is never less than addictive.

Embers of War , by Gareth L. Powell Gareth L. Powell is the mad genius behind the Ack-Ack Macaque trilogy, a British Science Fiction Award-winning saga of alt-history warfare and an uplifted monkey fighter pilot welding a machine gun. She joins the House of Reclamation, a sort of rescue organization for trouble starships. Shortly after, she and a small human crew of miscreants are tasked with discovering what has happened to a passenger ship that has gone missing in disputed space.

Maggie Hoskie is a monster-hunter, gifted with the power to fight and defeat these beasts. In a universe where the Earth is a dead memory and humanity has spread to many planets and come into bloody conflict with the alien Cielcin, Marlowe was a powerful heir to an empire and a hero in the war against the aliens—and a monster who killed billions, including his own emperor. As Marlowe tells his story in his own words, however, we learn the truth is far stranger—and more tragic—than the official account.

Marlowe loses everything, endures horrific poverty and desperation, and claws his way back into power—only to find himself on a collision course with doom in a galaxy dominated by suffocating religion and twisted by horrific violence. Vengeful , by V. Victor was arrested for his crimes, but Eli was the true monster, identifying others with powers to rival his own and killing them one by one. When Eli went after young Sydney, a girl with the ability to raise the dead, he took on more than he bargained for.

Meanwhile, Eli remains at large, unpunished—and still very dangerous. The signed Barnes and Noble exclusive edition contains a short story set in Merit City and a special message from Victor Vale himself. The Book of M , by Peng Shepherd This literary-leaning dystopian novel is set in a world set upon by a truly strange affliction: all over the globe, people are losing their shadows, a loss that grants then extranormal powers, at the cost of their memories. To escape the Forgetting plague, lovers Max and Ory flee to the wilderness. They think themselves safe, until Max loses her shadow and is forced to go on the run, lest she become a danger to the man she loves.

The newcomers are rumored to have healing powers, and the sick and suffering gather around the bio-dome, forming the city of Rose Water around it. The result combines a sprawling timeline, engaging speculative concepts, and aspects of old-school detective fiction to craft one of the most unique books of the year.

Dickian new novel, the suspiciously similarly named pulp writer Liro Tirosh returns to his homeland of Palestina, a Jewish state on Lake Victoria between Kenya and Uganda. Tirosh has been out of the country, living in the Reich for years, in a Germany that never perpetrated a Holocaust. But his father, a larger than life national figure, is dying, so he returns. Things only grow stranger as a wall in erected between the Jewish state and its African neighbors.

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The stories in this mosaic shared-setting novel begin in surreal, nigh-incoherent horror and somehow grow more comprehensible and grounded as they go along as you acclimate to a bizarro world. And then things get really bizarre, as Torishima revels in yet more twisted heights of genetically engineered depravity. Space Opera , by Catherynne M. Valente spins a truly nutty sci-fi story that begins with the Sentience Wars that nearly eradicated all intelligent life in the universe; when they ended, the scattered survivors regrouped and began a new tradition designed to avoid future apocalypses: the Metagalactic Grand Prix, a universe-wide competition of song and dance open only to recognized sentient species.

Place anything but last and the upstart civilization is a part of the club.

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When Earth is unexpectedly pulled into the next contest, the task of saving humanity falls to a has-been rock star named Decibel Jones, who must grapple with the demons of his past while venturing reluctantly onto the largest stage of all-time. Inspired by her dual love for Eurovision and Douglas Adams, this one is pure Catherynne Valente, from the first page to the last. With that in mind, we offer the following list of 12 books that could just have easily been included on the list above.

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Don't change yours! This line by Andover struck a cord with me: Tega, what has happened is what has happened. The past is gone. Well, that's some deep reflection there but if there's one lesson you can learn from this book, it's "Thou shall not underestimate a character no matter how minor or ridiculous he seems to be. He didn't get his POV on that part but I appreciate it greatly that he had this redeeming image from other characters. I love what the author did there.

It's amazing that James A. Moore didn't fail me. On the other hand, I found it funny that there's a transexual here whose transformation is clearly not his choice. Right, being a transgender is not a choice for one is simply born but transforming physically is. We know that the Sa'ba Taalor fully accept whatever their gods, the Daxar Taalor give them may it be a task or gifts for if they don't, they might turn into a mount which we've learned in City of Wonders.

By the way, hounds are also introduced in this book. Now, let's pause for a minute here and differentiate between a mount and a hound. The freshly anointed who failed the Daxar Taalor were made into the equivalent of hounds. On the other hand, to my understanding, mounts are really strong Sa'ba Taalor who simply refuse their gods. There are seven of the Daxar Taalor. As a Sa'ba Taalor, you can choose which gods you're going to be loyal to but if a god asks for you, you must never refuse, you simply follow.

There are only two distinguished Sa'ba Taalor who were called upon by all of the Daxar Taalor and in my giddy mind, they're both fighting over Tega's affection. Moore has covered quite a lot of issues in real life: socio-political, religious, and ethical aspects. Seven Forges is simply a fictional story but I like how the world-building is plausible without engaging a suspension of disbelief.

With various aspects covered, I got nothing to complain.

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I don't even have a single issue on the magical system unlike other books where I have a lot of questions. Things are easily understandable here even though everything ended openly. I read this book for weeks because I'm personally stumped with anything right now my bills are hot on my trail. For this, I think there's a need for me to reread the entire series when understanding the locations is concerned. Because there's no map, I still couldn't visualize the world in this book. There are gaps on the days when I read pages of the book that when I get back to the part I last left, my memory is muddled when trying to remember where certain characters had been before.

So yeah, a map would be great. I got a lot of things to be grateful for in the Seven Forges series.