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For 47 years, it has been illegal to pay men and women different rates for the same job. Nevertheless, as the April deadline approached and the final reports on gender pay difference from large firms came in it was clear that pay inequality is still very much there.

But as women we march on and I mean that literally. And the banners and rally cries have definitely been out in force: —.

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In the last couple of years, advertising agencies have certainly excelled themselves as big corporations and government have visibly embraced the message that it is OK for girls to challenge the status quo. So, I decided to look back at my own family, my DNA, to find out who were the pioneers hiding amongst our female ranks.

Way back in the 19 th century she was an equal business partner with my Great Grandfather George.

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Gender inequality has been and continues to be a hot topic that is being discussed at all levels as its effects are devastating. Women continue to lag behind men in STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in general and in computer science in particular, where their share of the workforce has actually declined over the past 25 years. PhD-granting institutions in However, no matter how many surveys are carried out by prestigious firms, no matter what legislation is passed and no matter how much effort is made by the public and private sectors, the gender gap will continue to stigmatise women unless we all step up, speak up and challenge the status quo.

I hope you all had a Happy International Women's day.

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My settings Language. I was beyond repair.

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Since we come from a small town, moving to a whole new city in the late nineties was pure craziness. The doctors gave her no guarantee that I would get better. My father saved every penny he had ever worked for and we made the move. She has supported me ever since, with no complains whatsoever. Over the years, a lot of questions have remained unanswered.

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My mom is my everything. I am in debt to her for life. We have our ups and downs like any mother-son relationship. Still at the end of the day, there is none that could ever love me the way she has done. Be good to your mom.

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