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Something very important has ended, and something even more important has begun. John is the last of the Old Testament prophets Matt —14 , and when he passes from the scene, an eschatologically new era commences.

Now the prophet has come, and he is about to give his first teaching. In Exodus 19, the description is of Moses ascending Sinai to receive the law. As others have noted, this particular phrase occurs only three times in the Greek Old Testament.

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This would be called the anaphoric use of the article. But in Matthew , there is no immediately preceding mountain mentioned. This indicates it might point to a par excellence use of the article.

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Matthew is inviting a comparison with the most prominent mount in the Old Testament. Finally, Matthew describes Jesus as sitting down to teach. Although the verb in the Hebrew is debated, references in the Talmud show that Jewish interpreters regarded Deuteronomy as meaning Moses sat down on the mountain.

All three of these details place the sermon under the lens of Sinai. Unfortunately, many note these opening Mosaic parallels and then stop. But the parallels continue throughout the sermon. Jesus delivers the new covenant teaching as the new Moses. Matthew is about fulfillment.

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More specifically, Matthew presents Jesus as the new Moses. He does this by presenting Jesus as the teacher of Israel through five discourses. These discourses mirror in some ways the five books of the Pentateuch. Site HarperCollins Dictionary. Add this:. Ask a Scholar. Related Articles 2 Moses The Bible depicts Moses as the prophetic leader who delivered the Israelites from Egypt and who mediated the divine laws in the wilderness to them.

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HarperCollins Dictionary David. John, The Gospel According to. Psalms, The. Characteristic of a deity a god or goddess. A gospel is an account that describes the life of Jesus of Nazareth. One of the major contributions restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith is that Moses knew that the entire plan was known even before the world was created.

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The concept that there would be a creation, a fall, an atoning savior, prophets, dispensations, ordinances, and so on was all known before the world began. Part of that plan includes covenants and ordinances that are eternal or everlasting. The central or core doctrine of the plan is the infinite and eternal Atonement of Jesus Christ. Yet from the restored account of Moses and other revelations provided us by Joseph Smith, the answer to why the Fall occurred gives welcome enlightenment. We come to understand more fully the necessity of this central event in the plan of salvation.

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If they wanted to remain as they were i. But if they desired to partake, they were free to do so. After their transgression, Adam and Eve found themselves in a different world with very different conditions from their previous existence. Procreation, children, aging, pain, sorrow, joy, death, and corruption all attended the telestial world. Although this changed world now included opposition and negative contrasts to their former paradisiacal environment, both Adam and Eve rejoiced realizing the progress this new world would bring:. The Atonement provides a way back from spiritual death.

After spending 40 days upon Mount Sinai and receiving instructions from the Lord for his people, Moses returned to a scene of wickedness and idolatry see Ex. The Prophet Joseph Smith learned that the first set of tablets Moses received contained information on the Melchizedek Priesthood, the Holy Order associated with it, and the ordinances that appertain to it, as well as some material that was retained in the second set of tablets JST, Ex. In the Doctrine and Covenants we learn that the Lord intended Israel to have the ordinances of the higher priesthood to enable them to enter into his presence.

The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses

But due to their rebellion, the Lord took the greater priesthood out of their midst:. Said Abinadi:. The Savior promised the keys of the kingdom of heaven to Peter as recorded in Matthew —19 [ Matt.

It was then and there that Moses and Elijah appeared and gave to those Apostles the keys of the kingdom. Through the Prophet Joseph Smith we understand that Moses and Elijah returned as translated beings with bodies of flesh and bone, to confer the priesthood keys to Peter, James, and John. Translated beings are personages of a terrestrial order, preserved for a period from death.

Priesthood keys which they held were once again restored to mortals on earth.